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The Benoni Muslim School (BMS) was established in 1997 (1418 AH). The risk of moral degeneration and increased secularization at state schools raised many a question as to an alternative solution. The ever increasing demand for a Muslim school with both Islamic and Secular subjects holistically integrated was soon recognized as a priority of the time. An ALTERNATIVE was identified and efforts to establish such a school were soon underway. Thus, it was with humility that some 20 years ago, at a local Jamaat meeting, the need for a local Muslim school was mooted.
Subsequently, many formal and informal discussions were held with many prominent Ulama and community members, to ascertain the legitimacy of the need, and the viability of the project. Their commitment is the main contributing factor to the success of the school thus far.
In 1996, the Benoni Muslim Jamaat (BMJ) executive, with its commitment to the education of our children, accepted a proposal for the use of the BMJ Madrassa classrooms as a school in the mornings.
Thus, the Benoni Muslim School came into existence, officially during January 1997. In spite of various trials and tribulations, the school has overcome numerous resource based problems during its early years. However by 1998 it had outgrown itself due to the unwavering support from the community. The Board of Governors identified this limitation during the latter part of 1998 and successfully negotiated the purchase of strategically located land in 1999.
Building commenced in 2001 and the present school was completed in 2002 after many financial constraints. Property adjacent to the present school was also identified for future development to provide recreational facilities and other facilities for learners.The past decade could be seen as a decade of Establishment and Challenge.
The next could be termed as that of Enhancement and Development to the next level. The future development of the school includes the construction of the next building phase ie. the administration block, specialized rooms, a general purpose hall and sporting facilities.
A further enhancement would be that of financial strength so that every Muslim learner of greater Benoni could be accommodated at the school, irrespective of affordability, Insha- Allah.
The Board of Governors humbly request for your Duas so that the Almighty grants us the sincerity, strength and steadfastness to fulfill the educational responsibilities on behalf of the community and to positively shape the character of our children of today into productive Deeni conscious adults of tomorrow, Aameen.




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