Subject choice in Grade 10 is based on the NCS at BMS are as follows:

Subjects are offered in packages, which have been approved by the relevant education authorities, and learners are guided in their choice of subject package. All subjects offered by BMS are part of the university designated subjects list and count towards university acceptance. Learners are always encouraged to seek “degree pass” status but the system is designed to cater for the interests and aptitudes of the individual learners.

Learners should study seven subjects. The approved subjects are found in two groups. Group A comprises Fundamentals, which are compulsory. Five subjects are taken in Group A: English, Afrikaans as First Additional Language and Arabic as Second Additional Language, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy and Life Orientation. Group B comprises a number of electives divided on three timetable lines:

7.2 Eight subjects

While the National Curriculum Statement requires all learners in Grades 10 to 12 to do seven
subjects of which four are compulsory and three are of their own choice, at BMS the offerings
are as follows:

7.3 GROUP A : Five compulsory subjects (Two of these subjects must be
South African languages.)

• ENGLISH : Language of teaching and learning, referred to as the Home Language
• AFRIKAANS : First additional Language
• ARABIC : Second additional language- the language of the Quran
• MATHEMATICS OR MATHEMATICAL LITERACY: All learners must take either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

7.4 GROUP B : Three further subjects

In addition to choosing five compulsory subjects, learners must choose an additional three subjects from the approved subject list. Learners can take up to four languages as part of their seven-subject package. Some of the approved subjects have been classified as designated subjects, which are more suitable for tertiary study.
 Physical Science/ Economics
 Life Sciences/ Business Studies
 Accounting / Geography
 Tourism / History


Pupils may not change subjects once they have entered Grade 11 excedpt with special permission granted by the GDE.

An additional subject may be taken but this will be self study as the academic timetable does not make allowance for this. The NSC regulations state that the allocated academic time may only be used for the seven subjects.